Junior Replacement Filters


Replacement filters for all junior size models are available below. You can check the size of your existing filter by looking for a label on the bottom of the unit. Model HM200 indicates junior size filter. Still not sure which filter you need? Our Junior size filters measure 11.5” high.

Feel like an upgrade?

All junior size units are interchangeable with all junior size filters. So, if you purchased a HealthMate Junior® and would like to upgrade to a HealthMate Junior Plus® you can replace your old HealthMate Junior® filter with a new HealthMate Junior Plus® filter.


The Austin Air Baby’s Breath® will give your baby the clean air they need.
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HealthMate Plus Jr Filter

Designed to effectively remove chemicals, gases, VOC’s and formaldehyde

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health mate-junior-air-purifer

HealthMate Junior Filter

Our original and most popular unit. Protects against everyday indoor pollutants

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Provides maximum protection for people with asthma and mold problems
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Junior Pre-Filter

Replacement Pre-Filter for Junior Series Units

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